Choppy in Chelsea today

Really nice swim today, with a lane to myself for a good 80 lengths. On the turns I always glance back down the lane to see how disturbed the water is behind me and today it looked fairly calm. It’s nice to have the sun beaming through the glass roof but it always make me think how different it’s going to be making the transition to the great outdoors and I’m psyching myself up for a dip at Brockwell Lido in the very near future.

Another guy dropped in my lane towards the end of  my swim today and he had a really strange stroke going on. A hybrid of crawl, butterfly and breast-stroke with a sort of dolphin movement in his body that was throwing up a massive wake. That was the end of my flat tranquil water for the day. Hey Ho, good practice for the Solent I guess.

So my stats at the 2 month mark are: Total distance achieved – 48,750 metres or 30.28 miles ( I still prefer metres), 18 hours and 13 mins in the pool and 2 Kg less than I was when I started.

At the moment, it’s all looking good.

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