Two Down

Wow two months have absolutely flown by since we embarked on this exercise and now there are just under 4 months left until the big swim. ( A third of the way there!) The training is going pretty well managing about three swims a week and still keeping to roughly the 6-7km a week. As always anything with a group of guys does generate a bit of good humoured banter and competitiveness, but I have to admit to being a bit surprised last night when a few of us were together for dinner and the evening started of with a couple of the guys in raptures over the benefits of a nutribullet, flax seeds and green smoothies. Followed by tales of weight changes and toning. Next up a swapping of stories we had learned about lane etiquette (foot tapping and giving way), before we got down to the serious business of a really nice curry and a few beers (got there in the end). Im going to be hanging up my speedo’s this week and off in search of some snow to play in but it will also be my first opportunity to get into and outdoor pool so the acclimatisation begins. 1st of March bright and sunny (although to be honest my head isn’t quite that bright after that late night and beers), bring on the spring!

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