il Pleut des Cordes

I spent this weekend in Lille and have to admit to feeling a bit guilty drinking beer and stuffing myself full of cakes when I  should have been doing my weekend swims. I probably got wetter indulging myself though as in Lille it was raining cats and dogs “il Pleut des Cordes” and boy did it come down. Actually it was more like the French expression that references a urinating cow but let’s not go there. Never let it be said that my daughter doesn’t buy into the school of “Improvise Adapt and Overcome” in the face of adversity and when she suggested from under the bedraggled furry fringe of her parka that maybe we should go the the pool I jumped at the chance. Quick trip on the metro and we were there, but I was a little apprehensive as she had said I wouldn’t need any trunks. We all know what Johnnie foreigner is like for his naked spa activities (Don’t we Stuart) and moments of horror when the steam clears in the sauna!!

I have to say Roubaix La Piscine is a little gem of a museum and like good french wines is hidden away from the tourist. It’s an old Art Deco swimming baths that has been turned into a museum and done, very, very well. Museums to me are usually like buying an album of music, One or two good tracks and then the rest is just average but this one had more than its fair share of good exhibitions. I particularly liked the way all the features had been retained and the tiled cubicles turned into little mini galleries.

Absolutely stunning, loved it. Thank you Nicole for a weekend that combined all my favourite pastimes in one hit.

Top Left, Going Clockwise: Pierre’s victorian rental Pants, Main Gallery, Athelete’s, Art Deco



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