Happy (Chinese) New Year – Be it Goats or Sheep

Never one to miss an opportunity to celebrate, and also keen to carry on the animal theme that seems to be developing here, happy new Chinese year. Which depending on your point of view is either the year of the Goat or the year of the Sheep, so that’s nice and clear then. Whichever it happens to be I was pleased to see that the lucky numbers associated with it are 2 and 7 which just happen to combine to my birthdate so I’m taking that as a good sign for coming year.

So far this week I’ve had two really good swims and notched up over 5k, bringing my total distance covered since we came up with this scheme to 43.5k (so still averaging around 1k per day). I’m not particularly getting faster, but I’m certainly finding it easier, and I’m feeling much better for it. In fact today I started to wonder if I’m getting addicted, my thinking being that I regularly now go to the pool with all intentions of doing a short session 40, 50 or 60 lengths and then when I get started that’s never enough. (A bit how it is with a beer or three, and that’s what got us into this situation in the first place). I was mulling this over today in the pool. I went fully intending to just do 40 lengths and then when it was empty and the laps were just sliding by, I decided to push on. Taking the opportunity presented to me by the lure of an empty lane.

And then into my head started to come song titles and lyrics. It started with a line from “You ain’t seen nothing yet” (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) which goes, “So I took what I could get”, that got me thinking about Lyrics linked to swimming and before I knew it I had Heroes (David Bowie) in my head “Dolphins can swim, we can be Heroes”, Im a bit of a Bowie fan so I enjoyed that one but the one that made me smile the most was “The swimming song” (Louden Wainwright Iii). The last one I could think of was “Channel Swimmer” which was the B side to 10cc’s “Life is a minestrone” way back in the 70’s. And with that an hour had slipped by, I’d notched up a hundred lengths and it was time to call it a day. Till the next time.

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