Back on form……..and some.

I had a terrible swim on Sunday and came home quite dejected. I blamed it on lots of things but I guess only 3 hours sleep the night before, 4 pints of lager, 1/2 a bottle of champagne and a few Merlot chasers probably didn’t help. I’ve been trying not to drink Alcohol Sunday through to Thursday but all it seems to have done is turn me into a binge drinker! No matter what I did in the pool I just couldn’t get my act together. After 50 lengths I’d had enough and jacked it in and went off in search of some serious calories to cheer myself up.

But today was a completely different matter. I felt good from the off and it just got better and better as I went along. I turned in my best time ever for 100 lengths knocking out the 2.5 k in just 44 mins. I think it helps when the pools empty and today being half term it was quiet, very quiet. Having said that a French version of Mr Bean choose to share a lane with me instead of using one of the 3 empty lanes and proceeded to swim slowly and against the signed rotation but C’est la vie. I was having such a good swim compared to Sunday’s disaster it didn’t even bother me in the slightest



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2 Responses to Back on form……..and some.

  1. Can’t see the 2.5 logged on your speedo app


  2. yansterx1 says:

    I gave up on that as it seemed like really hard work to get the data in

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