At the risk of opening up the floodgates to a whole menagerie of animals. Part of my inspiration to do this swim has come from an inspirational speaker Jim Lawless, who runs “Taming Tigers” The ethos behind this is that it is “you are writing the story of your life” and why would you let anyone else hold the pen? I first saw Jim a nCircus tigers, endangered species, Seville, Spainumber of years ago when he did a Taming Tigers session about a bet (Here we go again – with that recurring theme) that allowed him to test the ten Tiger rules and go from being a non rider to participating in a televised race under jockey club rules in under 12 months. Jim has since re-tested and proved the rules by claiming the British free diving record (first to exceed 100 metres) and more recently by swimming the Solent. On my desk at home are the ten rules;

1) Act boldly today – time is limited!

2) Re-Write your rulebook – challenge it hourly

3) Head in the direction of where you want to arrive, every day

4) It’s all in the mind

5) The tools for taming tigers are all around you

6) There is no safety in numbers

7) Do something scary everyday

8) Understand & control your time to create change

9) Create disciplines – do the basics brilliantly

10) Never, never give up

Thanks Jim for the inspiration, I hope you don’t mind me using your rules.

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