Just Itching

I previously wrote that I was itching to get out and start swimming in the open but now I’m just itching full stop.  I’m trying desperately not to make a mental connection between the increased amount of time I’m in the pool and the fact that afterwards I’m itching like crazy but at the moment it’s not looking good. I keep telling myself it could be all manner of things and not necessarily just that whoever is in charge of the chemistry at the pool is suddenly going to say something to their boss like “Did you say Litres or millilitres?” It still tastes the same, has the same level of visibility, and peoples jewellery isnt turning black (like it did when it was refilled after some work) so I’m giving the management the benefit of the doubt.

In an effort to get my weight down to the target I set myself when I signed up for the swim, I’ve changed my diet and eating habits quite a bit recently. This could be what’s making my skin more sensitive. It must be doing something as it’s having absolutely no effect at all on my weight!! Maybe I’m just having Pringle withdrawal symptoms in my quest to get more streamlined in the pool.


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2 Responses to Just Itching

  1. Interesting elephant facts; Elephants can swim
    but they can’t jump so how do they get into the pool then? Did you know that they are strong swimmers (thought to have migrated whole countries by swimming), they keep their head above water but their mouth below and use their trunks (as well as for going on holiday) as a natural snorkel

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