Is Swimming a Contact Sport?

The answer is it depends when you swim or who else is in the pool. Today’s swim was more of a water based scrap than a swimming session, but funnily enough it seemed to be just one person colliding with everyone else rather than everybody contributing on mass to a huge brawl. Personally speaking, if I was swimming  backstroke in the fast lane, with a stroke flailing like a threshing machine, after I’d hit the 3rd person, I’d probably ask myself  if I was doing something wrong.  What did this guy do after he’d delved into my ribcage in the same way as the tiny little masseur did, when like a mug, I said yes to a deep tissue massage. He stopped, stood up, checked under his finger nails for any of my flesh that could be used as forensic evidence, grunted something and then proceeded to swim on directly into his next victim. You surely have to be able to work out that when your even clawing people in the next lane, your definitely doing something wrong. Tempted as I was to get out, I stuck with it and after 10 minutes the person in question left…………… be immediately replaced by another one!!

The answer, deep calming breaths, in with Anger, out with Love and use the session for developing  technique rather than going for distance. In itself this isn’t a bad thing is it? I left the pool today, feeling happy I’d stuck with it and knowing if I’d gone home after just 25 lengths and 25 mins I’d have been beating myself up all day about it. It’s all about choosing your pain really isn’t it?

“You can choose the pain of dedication or the pain of regret”

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