Introducing the Team – Stuart

Stuart Wayment, Utilising my accountancy skills to be the Charlie Croker or Cogitatum Chief for this project. As mentioned earlier this idea was spawned one evening on the pavement outside a London Pub. (All the best ideas arrive over a beer or threeSeptember 2008 005 – Think “Round Ireland with a Fridge” for example). Initially it was going to be a two person project but like Topsy it just grew. After some Major surgery a couple of yearOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs ago I am determined both to get back to full strength, take on as many challenges as I can to push myself and to use any opportunity to raise some money for the fantastic guys at Planets. I am a confident but inexperienced swimmer and this challenge is a lot different to last years’ firewalk. I am really grateful to everyone who has embraced this idea so enthusiastically

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One Response to Introducing the Team – Stuart

  1. yansterx1 says:

    Good looking team Stu,


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