Introducing the Team – Ian

Ian Wayment, my little brother and first victim (or co-conspirator as I prefer to think of it) of this scheme. Only an older sibling will really understand the propensity that a younger brother can havBeache for getting you into trouble and I have a feeling that he is still at it all these years later. Thinking back lots of our earlier episodes involved gettiIMG_0026ng wet in one way or another. I can’t help but recall the time when (after one of our disagreements) he locked me out and then when I was trying to climb the drainpipe to effect an entry via the bathroom window, how he discovered that the shower head did in fact reach the window and he foiled my attempt by drenching me. Lets hope that brotherly love extends a more supportive hand to our swimming venture. I’m really looking forward to it little Bro.

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