Milestones (and a happy birthday)

Milestones are great. Today happens to be my birthday which is a milestone of a sort, albeit a highly personal one.

I recently came across this great quote, Decide, Commit, Succeed. The organisers of the Wild West swim have very cleverly weaved some milestones into our preparation and so we are faced with in April a “test” swim where we have to be able to achieve a swim of 2.5k in 90 minutes. The guys on the team (and sorry but it is all guys) have taken the first step of “Decide” and they have all also started the second step of “commit” by preparing for that first session in April. It is intended to make sure that we have a reasonable chance of the final step “succeed” and I’m pretty sure we are all on track to achieve that.

For me this week is shaping up to be really busy work wise with at least three 5am starts, at least two midnight finishes and enough car journeys to ensure that I will cover about 1200 miles this week, all of which will make it challenging for me to keep up my pool training but I’ll be back onto it come the weekend as I’ve got some milestones to achieve.

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