A nice steady swim this morning in the pool very generously heated to 30 degrees took my total up to 20,000 meters since 4th Jan. Yesterday I very briefly toyed with the idea of going to Brockwell Lido today to start my acclimatisation program, but seeing the water temperature was only 4.3 degrees made me very quickly reconsider this. The temperature of Solent water in July is going to be something like 12 – 18 degrees, so there’s no way I’m going to drop myself in anything that’s below 6 degrees.

Whilst I’m not in a hurry to freeze myself to death, I’m itching to get into something a bit more lumpy and see how different it really is to pool swimming. A guy in the same lane as me today was leaving a fairly substantial wake and as we crossed, if I was breathing on the same side as he passed, my oratorical aperture (Cake Hole) was getting pretty well swamped. I’ve been meaning to vary how I  breath throughout each session but at the moment I’m still just doing what I’ve always done.

Note to Self:  Pool water might not taste as good as Lager but it probably tastes a whole lot better than sea water.

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  1. I had the same thoughts about tasting the water, I invariably get a mouthful when I breathe and can’t imagine what that would be like salty and for an hour. (Well in truth I can but I’d rather not image it)


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