The Solent Seven

Today is a rest day in my training, although rest will probably be far from my mind. I’m currently reading a great book #superfreakonomics and it’s given me two thoughts about our group undertaking the #wildwestsolentswim

My first thought was that we are an unusual group of prospective athletes with a range of backgrounds, fitness and athleticism, not to mention age. As any group of blokes of a certain age there’s a degree of banter and competition. We all also have our own reasons and motivation. The accountant in me made me wonder about our average age, which is by the way 41, dragged down significantly by the inclusion of both Dan and Matt, however superfreakonomics reminds me that the concept of average is strange in that  there is really no one who is truly average. If there were every person on the planet would have one breast and one testicle. (Theres a thought).

Secondly there is an underlying theme to the book about the use of targets and incentives and how they might drive unintended consequences. Clearly the fact that we have each decided to take on this challenge and that we each have our own reasons means that the motivation is there. Its not and never will be a race, its more about a personal challenge but I did get to wondering what might motivate us in our training regime. For me it’s about improving and I’m also a firm believer in “What gets measured gets managed” so I for one will be keeping an eye on things like distance covered, training sessions completed and time achieved, but for the others it might be different, thoughts?

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  1. yansterx1 says:

    I think your spot on and everyone will definitely approach this in their own way. I was thinking about the new Sport England campaign and can absolutely relate to how intimidating sport clubs, gyms fitness classes etc can be but I don’t actually believe that’s a gender specific issue. We’ve all been there and taking the 1st step is the hardest part for sure. I think what’s really important is to hold that feeling in your mind and be welcoming, encouraging and motivating to anyone that wants to join you and give something a go. Anything you can offer, regardless of how trivial, to someone else in terms of empowering them is a bonus. We are all going to hit moments in the training and even on the day when it’s just too much effort. Training alone is hard yards. I’d like to think on the day we are all going to start grouped fairly well together but more importantly finish together.

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