It’s not the jellyfish that scare me.

I had a lovely session in the pool today. It was 29 degrees…. I don’t even run my bath that hot!! You wouldn’t want to wear a wetsuit in there or you’ll be like one of those Sous-vide dishes you see all the time now on Masterchef.

I always like to finish sessions gradually building the speed up for the last 4 lengths and with the final length flat out to spike my heart rate. Then it’s goggles up and a nice stretch whilst my heart rate drops and I can breath normally again. Today was no exception apart from the fact that another swimmer stopped beside me and engaged me in conversation. Not the easiest thing when you have ear plugs in and can’t breath let alone talk but I’m always happy for a chat, so engage I did. We covered a wide range of topics including the swim we are all attempting, and I might well be flattering myself, but I very quickly started to feel like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. I was completely expecting her to say “I’m Mrs Robinson” when she finally extended her hand by way of introduction but with a flash of inspiration I calmly replied “I’m Stuart, pleased to meet you”

It’s not the jelly fish that scare me…..its the Cougars.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 14.16.48

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