Dry January – Getting Wetter

This challenge has really got us fired up, preparation for fire walking (excuse the pun) last year was simply a matter of turning up on the day, whereas this years challenge really needs preparation. I won’t single out my team mates efforts, apart from pork pie Paul, jogging Tony or the impostor that is my younger brother using my name in his pool sessions (see it’s not the jellyfish – below), so Matt and Dan you are off the hook at the moment.

For my part, I have decided initially to swim at least three times a week, aiming to cover 4.5 kilometres, being ¬†one 2k session and two shorter sessions. As I haven’t been a regular swimmer I have decided to work on my stamina and technique initially before moving on to pace and then open water once the weather has warmed up. I’m also mixing up my sessions adding in some “rest” days and doing some cycling at other times. (My dog seems to get more excited about the cycle rides than she does about the pool sessions). I hadn’t really intended to be getting wet on my non pool days but last Sunday I managed an unscheduled dismount of the pushbike straight into a rather large pool of standing water.

This fitness regime is also supplemented by undertaking the whole Dry January thing which as you will know involves giving up alcohol for the month, which I’ve found surprisingly easy despite a few meals out with friends and colleagues. The first few weeks I didn’t notice any difference but I’m surprised by how much better I now feel and I’m sure it’s down to the increased exercise as much as if not more than the abstinence but whatever it is it feels good. Shame it doesn’t seem to have had any impact at all on my weight.

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2 Responses to Dry January – Getting Wetter

  1. yansterx1 says:

    Is it true that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder?


  2. No not at all in fact I’m thinking about doing Feb dry as well


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