Happy Days

It’s funny how this challenge came about for us but Stuart planted the seed in my mind stood outside a pub in Vauxhall Bridge Rd on a summer evening (admittedly not the natural training ground for aspiring athletes) I’d watched a news item about Adam Walker completing the Ocean’s Seven and mentioned how he’d been inspired to swim the channel after watching “On a Clear Day” Stu was on it like shot. Shall we swim the channel together? he asked and I took that as a good opportunity to get another round of drinks in. I didn’t really give it much more thought that night.

I’d already been plodding up and down my local pool for a couple of years, watching the tiles go past my nose without much motivation but this idea started niggling away at me. What if we could actually pull it off? My friend Adam had tried the channel swim some years ago and even with his super-sized athlete’s lungs, failed to make the landing so I was fairly sure it was a non starter…..but then maybe with a bit of training we could give it a stab. Another friend, Guy, had talked about swimming the Solent last year and that seemed much more achievable as a warm up. I asked him how he’d got on but he’d never got round to it. Guess what he’s doing now this year?

So here we all are slogging up and down getting ourselves prepared for our 1st open water challenge. I’ve never been happier as I love a challenge, but I think what fires me up more than anything is sharing an experience with my brother again. Over the years we haven’t done much sport together and it’s sort of weird that what’s bringing us back closer is swimming. As kids we swam together at the pool where our dad worked nearly every day during the summer holidays. In my fondest childhood memories we never did anything else, day in day out, we went swimming together. I know we’ve still got a fair bit to do to make this happen, and it’s not going to be anything like being in the pool, but for me, right now, this is Happy Days.


Just for the record…….I’m the little cute one.

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One Response to Happy Days

  1. Stuart says:

    All the best sporting challenges start with an idea at the pub. Just for the record I’m the cute bigger one


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